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HIV testing stories

Here, people have shared their personal stories of testing for HIV so you can learn what to expect from real people who have been through it.

Portrait of Caribbean/Latinx man

Harrison shares his story about his surprising experience of discovering his HIV status when trying to join the Nigerian Army.

Portrait of an independent female African traveler

Zoe shares her story of how she lived in fear of HIV before getting a negative HIV test result: which inspired her to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

African American teenager

Shayna shares her story of how she discovered she was living with HIV after an appointment with her gynaecologist.

Young man with glasses looking at camera

Sann shares his story about testing positive for HIV and finding support online from others living with HIV.

Young man wearing glasses and a hat smiling at the camera

Lucas shares his story of how having unprotected sex and putting off getting tested for HIV gave him months of worry.

Portrait of hispanic Businesswoman in the Office space

Hallie shares her story about testing for HIV after putting it off for years: an experience that brought her great relief.

Black man smiling at camera. Selective focus. Close up.

Chanda shares his story about how learning more about HIV gave him peace of mind and confidence to get tested.

Man in pink hoodie

Bandile shares his story about overcoming his fear of getting tested for HIV and testing negative.

Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply health status or behaviour.

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