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Health and wellbeing stories

Listen to other people with HIV talk about how they have made certain life choices to look after their health and wellbeing.

Smiling, hoop earring, woman looking at camera

Ruth shares her story about finding inner strength after trauma, learning to accept her HIV status and educating others in her community about HIV.

Portrait of a young man standing in a coffee shop against a blurred background

Ricardo shares his journey of living with HIV: from getting his positive test result to finding inner peace and acceptance.

Portrait of a mid adult male.

Mpilo shares advice on how to deal with the many emotions that accompany discovering you are HIV positive: this positive mindset gives him strength.

Afro american woman in an urban city area

Makena shares her story about how her HIV diagnosis negatively impacted her mental health and how she overcame self-stigmatisation.

Young african american man smiling outdoor portrait industrial background

Khaya shares his story about how discovering his HIV status prompted him to take better care of himself both physically and mentally.

Portrait of a young adult woman

Karuna shares her story of becoming a peer educator and HIV advocate in Mauritius after discovering she had HIV and Hepatitis C from needle-sharing.

African Ethnicity Young Man Portrait

Jesse shares his story of his experience with supportive HIV healthcare workers and his journey to living healthily even with HIV.

Shot of a happy young woman spending a day in the city

Anna shares her story about growing up with HIV positive parents: an emotional experience that encouraged her to seek support later in life.

Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply health status or behaviour.

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