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HIV treatment stories

Hear from other people who take HIV treatment to help you understand why it’s so important and learn some tips for remembering to take it on time every day.

Portrait of african american women standing on a street

Lusanda shares her story about her journey from diagnosis to treatment and gaining confidence to advocate for those living with HIV.

A confident mid adult black man looking at the camera cheerfully.

Bongani shares his story about his long journey of coming to terms with his positive HIV status, getting treatment and regaining his confidence.

Girl smiling at a camera for a portrait

Benoite shares her story of coming to terms with her positive HIV status as a mother of young children.

Middle Eastern man outdoors close up.

Arun shares his story about his inner strength and journey of living with HIV in a country where support can be difficult to find.

University student smiling at camera

Amaka shares her story about finding out her positive HIV status while pregnant. Thanks to treatment she is able to live a healthy life.

Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply health status or behaviour.