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Understanding and sharing your HIV status stories

Hear from people with HIV about how they learned that they had HIV, how they felt, and how they decided to share their status with other people.

A smiling African American man stands in front of a blue wall wearing nice casual clothing.

Talent shares his story about being open about his positive HIV status and facing HIV stigma in the workplace: an experience he wishes to change for others.

Young African woman with a quiet smile and her braided hair across her shoulder looking intently at the camera outdoors on a rural bridge

Raya shares her story about learning to accept her HIV status: something she still struggles with from time to time.

Man with neutral look standing in front of camera wearing a white t-shirt on a bright green background

Mulilo shares his story about overcoming bad mental health after discovering his HIV status and shares how he is keeping his dreams for the future alive.

Portrait of an African woman standing outdoors

Mbali shares her story about sharing her status with her partner and surviving miscarriages, heartbreak and HIV stigma.

Portrait of man looking at camera.

Israel shares his story about getting emotional support from his family after discovering his HIV status and learning to accept himself.

Portrait of a young man outdoors.

Hamid shares his story about testing for HIV after reoccurring illness and sharing his positive HIV status with wife.

Shot of a young man taking a break during his hike

Curt shares his story about dealing with his emotions after discovering his HIV status: an experience that was made easier by the support of his family.

African woman with dreadlocks in the city with buildings in the background

Celani shares her story of how living with fear of stigma kept her from sharing her HIV status: an experience she hopes to change for others.

Smiling African man in street with motorbike

Calvin shares his story about how his family’s support and understanding gives him the strength to care of himself while living with HIV.

Portrait of a confident young businessman working in a modern office

Anele shares his story about sharing his positive HIV status with his friends and family: something that brings him great relief.

Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply health status or behaviour.

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