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Young and positive stories

Hear from other young people with HIV who are navigating their youth whilst learning how to manage their health and relationships too.

A young man sitting down

Moeketsi shares his story of not knowing why he had to take pills and having poor adherence, until he was finally told it was for HIV.

Catherine shares her story about finding out she was born with HIV and dealing with depression, before starting treatment.

Catherine shares her story about being born with HIV, dealing with depression, and starting treatment.

Young man laughing at home

Ryan shares his story about recovering from HIV-related health conditions and learning to embrace a positive mindset with support from friends and family.

Portrait of a serious sportsman looking away

Mpho shares his story of testing positive for HIV, going on antiretroviral treatment and enjoying good health.

Portrait of woman outdoors

Lynette shares her story about being born with HIV and struggling with feelings of loneliness before becoming an advocate for those living with HIV.

Portrait of Indian young man

Krish shares his story about not letting his HIV stop him from pursuing his career aspirations and learning to understand and love himself on a deeper level.

Portrait of young man with light eyes smiling at camera

Jayden shares his 5 pieces of advice for maintaining a healthy mindset and lifestyle while living with HIV.

Portrait of African young man smiling happy with colorful wooden wall in the background

Dembe shares his story about getting on ART treatment, finding support from peer groups and advocating for those living with HIV in Uganda.

Portrait of smiling young woman looking at camera

Claire shares her story of being born with HIV, living a healthy life and navigating sex and relationships in her teenage years.

Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply health status or behaviour.

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