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Supporting young people’s sexual health just got easier with Be in the KNOW!

Yael Azgad and Tinashe Madamombe

18 July 2023

Discover an online home for everything you need to help young people better understand and take action on HIV and sexual health

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Be in the KNOW is a digital brand designed to help young people understand, discuss, and take action to protect their sexual health. Designed to boost the knowledge, skills and confidence of young people and anyone who supports them, Be in the KNOW offers engaging, and sex-positive content you can trust.

Here’s a few reasons why you should make Be in the KNOW your go-to for information on HIV and sexual health.

Content that helps you support young people’s sexual health

Packed full of easy-to-understand answers to all the biggest sexual health questions, Be in the KNOW covers sex and relationships, HIV and STIs and living well with HIV. We offer content for young people, particularly in English speaking sub-Saharan Africa, plus wrap-around content for anyone working to support their sexual health journeys.

If that sounds like you, then take a look at our website and social channels for content to help boost your knowledge, skills and confidence on HIV and sexual health.

– user, Zimbabwe

3 ways Be in the KNOW can help you support young people

1. Boost your skills and knowledge

Be in the KNOW provides advice and resources for anyone supporting young people with their sexual health. As well as answers to the most common questions, in-detail tabs offer extra detail on more complex issues and actionable advice for young people themselves and anyone supporting them.

For those working on HIV and sexual health, there’s easy to understand information on what drives the epidemic, who is affected and what’s happening where you are. Along with the latest on best practice in HIV programming and delivery.

Our news covers the latest developments, research breakthroughs and evidence for what works in sexual health and the HIV response. We pride ourselves on cutting through the jargon and focusing on how you can put research into practice. Our blogs help you understand the issues that really matter and amplify the experiences and voices of those at the frontline of HIV and sexual health.

2. Sharing is caring

As well as easy to understand answers to all their burning questions, Be in the KNOW offers advice to help young people take action in the real world – like talking about condoms with a partner or working up the confidence to go for a HIV test.  

Designed with social sharing in mind, Be in the KNOW offers a wealth of engaging content, including videos, infographics, personal stories, and interactive tools like quizzes and discussion starters. You can easily share the content most relevant to the young people you work with to kick-start conversation or build their knowledge. You could also share the homepage and let them explore in their own time.

The site has been designed for mobiles and low-data usage to make it even easier to access our content. And our search bar will help you find what you're looking for quickly.

3. Getting social

Our social media channels are another way you can engage with Be in the KNOW. Follow us for regular content and updates on all things HIV and sexual health. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn so you can stay up-to-date wherever your network is and connect in our online community committed to improving young people’s sexual health .

– user, Kenya

Content you can trust

Be in the KNOW is run by Avert, a leading global provider of information on HIV and sexual health for over 30 years. A dedicated team of expert content creators produce accurate, relevant and evidence-based health information you can trust.

All our content is:

  • accredited by the Patient Information Forum quality mark with approved processes that ensure high quality content
  • co-created with our target audience of young people, educators and health practitioners to ensure it is relevant, engaging, and useful
  • reviewed by subject matter experts and those on the frontline of HIV and sexual health
  • based on high-quality data and peer reviewed evidence sources
  • led by the latest research and developments
  • regularly reviewed and updated.

Making a real-world impact

In just one year, we’ve reached over 13.2 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. We’ve had incredibly high engagement on social media – more than 2.2 million engagements (this includes comments, shares, saves, likes and link clicks).

We can see that we’re having an impact. In website surveys, 87% of Be in the KNOW users have found the website useful while 81% were more likely to take action to look after their sexual health.

– user

Spread the word!

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and social channels today and join our trusted circle – a community committed to improving young people’s sexual health.  

Let’s share the knowledge, share the fun and make the circle bigger. 

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