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Making HIV services more friendly for prisoners


According to UNAIDS, the estimated prevalence of HIV infections among people in prisons and other closed settings increased from 3.8% to 4.3% (between 2017 and 2021). People held in prisons are now six times more likely to be living with HIV than adults in the general population.  

Most prison facilities ask prisoners about their HIV status and offer HIV testing to those who do not know their status. But psychological support and access to HIV treatment are not always available, even for prisoners who already know their status. HIV treatment is provided within prisons.  

In this video, Lonnie, a human rights activist, shares her experience working within prison facilities and highlights the challenges faced by prisoners in accessing HIV services.  

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  • Last updated: 03 October 2023
  • Last full review: 03 October 2023
  • Next full review: 03 October 2024
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