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Five tips on how to have great sex when using condoms

Hester Phillips

29 September 2023

Condoms can be super sexy – if you know how to use them. Here are some tips that will blow your mind

We all know condoms protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. But did you know they can really spice up your sex life too? Here’s how to make condoms part of great sex.

1. Make condoms part of the fun of foreplay

Making condoms part of foreplay can be such a turn-on. You can do this in lots of ways. If you’re the one who is going to wear the condom, why not ask your partner to put it on for you? Whether they are using their hand or their mouth this can be so sexy, for both of you. Other people like taking charge and telling their partner how they’re putting the condom on and what they are going to do once it’s on. And don’t forget self-pleasure – watching your partner do this while you put the condom on can be pretty hot.

What you try is up to you. As long as you’re both into it, let your imagination run wild!

2. Experiment with different textured and flavoured condoms

Condoms come in different textures and flavours. Some condoms are extra thin to give a skin-to-skin sensation. Others are ribbed which can provide extra pleasure. The flavoured ones can be excellent for oral sex. Don’t forget, there are internal condoms too, which go inside the vagina or anus, meaning the penis can fly free.

Experiment to find the ones that really do it for you and your partner. Think of it like the sexiest box of chocolates ever!

3. Use lube to add extra comfort and joy

What’s not to love about lube? Lube makes wearing and using a condom more comfortable. So, whatever kind of sex you are into, adding lube can really help increase the pleasure. And it lessens the chances of the condom breaking (as long as you’re using water- or silicone-based lube).

While you may know about using lube on the receiving partner, it can also feel good to put one or two drops of lube inside the condom as well (water-based lube is best for this). This stimulates the head of the penis, which can feel incredible. Some people say it’s even better than using no condom at all. But BIG word of warning: don’t use any more than two drops as it can make the condom slide off during sex.

4. Say hello to stress-free sex

Worry is one of the biggest mood killers. But if you’re using a condom you can just relax and enjoy the moment because you aren’t putting your health or your partner’s health at risk. That means you’re free to go bananas! No pulling out, no worries. No need to worry about pregnancy or STIs. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

5. Make sure the condom fits

So often, people are wearing the wrong sized condom for them. Getting the right fit maximises the pleasure, so working out which condom fit is right for you is another thing you can do to turn up the heat.

Condoms come in different sizes. Smaller condoms are often called things like ‘snug’ or ‘close fit’. Larger ones are often called ‘XL’. Medium ones tend not to have any size description on them, or are called things like ‘standard’. Getting this right can be a gamechanger.

Keep exploring!

Hopefully these tips have helped you see the sexy side of condoms! You can delve into more content about different type of condoms and how to use them as well as more on enjoyable, healthy sex, in explore more below.

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