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What's the best way to prevent HIV?

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The good news is that there are now more ways than ever to stop HIV being passed on from one person to another! The best option is the one that is right for you.

  • Condoms are a great way to prevent HIV and also protect you from other STIs and unplanned pregnancy if that’s a concern.
  • PrEP is a pill that can reduce the risk of getting HIV to almost zero when taken daily. In some places PrEP is also available as an injection which protects you for longer.
  • If you have HIV, treatment can reduce your viral load to such low levels that you are no longer able to pass HIV on through sex. This is known as an undetectable viral load.

All of these are very effective – and many people use a combination depending on their situation. Testing regularly for HIV is also important as it's the only way to know your status, meaning you can get treatment if you need it. This protects your health and the health of your partner.

While there’s no right answer the best thing you can do is find out more about each of these prevention options to work out which suits you and make HIV testing part of your regular health routine.

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  • Last updated: 06 February 2024
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