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Personal story: Virginia

You don't have to be promiscuous to contract an STD

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"Well, it all started when I was 15. I had reunited with my first love at that age. Yes I know, it was a bit early. I really loved this guy and the more time I spent with him, the closer I got to him, and I trusted him even more. He kept pressuring me to show him I love him by letting him "make love" to me. This statement never worked on me though, because I paid attention in too many health classes at school.

Finally, I began to relive just how much I desired to feel what it was like. Although I wanted to keep my promise of saving myself to my mother, I wanted to know. At first him and I did a lot of just touching and kissing and intimate things like that. I figured I was going to be with him forever, so I decided to let him "make love" to me.

He put on the condom and many thoughts raced my mind on that August afternoon. It was a little difficult to get it inside but just as he was getting closer, I stopped him. At that point I didn't know whether or not I had already lost it or not, so I let him continue and I lost it. I had so many feelings… I was happy, sad, and felt really guilty. Since then him and I did it every time I saw him. After, that’s all our relationship developed into, and I broke up with him.

I've had sex with 3 other guys after him in lengthy relationships. Now I am in love again, and my boyfriend and I went to get tested. We both were diagnosed with Chlamydia and treated for it the next week. Now I am afraid and I want to get tested for HIV. I don't think that I have HIV, but I also didn't think I had Chlamydia.

I am now 18 and regret losing my virginity. You don't have to be promiscuous to contract an STD. It only takes one time. So if anyone considers having sex I'm not against it because it's a wonderful thing, but I would just advise that they use condoms no matter how much they know someone and trust them. Remember that same person probably trusted their previous loved ones and would have never suspected that they ever had a disease. So please, be safe and "wrap it up"...really."

What we say

A lot of people can feel anxious about losing their virginity – and that’s normal. Remember that sex can be a wonderful thing, so long as there is communication and respect from both partners, and you use protection. Like Virginia says, you don’t have to have lots of sexual partners to get an STI. Make sure you have a healthy and happy sex life by getting checked regularly for STIs and HIV. See our pages on STIs and HIV testing for more information.

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