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First time sex stories

Everyone’s first time having sex is different and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Read other people’s first-time sex stories here to put you at ease.

Young black man standing in a city street

Thando shares his story about feeling embarrassed and nervous during his first time having sex: an experience he now laughs about.

Young African American woman in a white sweater

Refilwe shares her story about her romantic and special first time having sex: a slightly painful yet painful experience.

Portrait of a Malaysian young man making a smiling face and looking at the camera.

Nir shares his story about his first time having sex with his partner and using a condom for the first time.

Close up side portrait of young black woman in the city

Nemy shares her experience with being pressured into having sex. Despite this she explains her preference of waiting until she feels ready.

Portrait of laughing young man looking at camera in park.

Josh shares his story of his romantic first sexual experience with his girlfriend, Jennifer: an experience they both enjoyed.

Laughing african american woman in a yellow shirt in the city with streets, trees and buildings in the background

Greta shares her story about feeling pressured into having sex with her boyfriend for the first time: an experience she later regrets.

Portrait of a young woman feeling confident and cheerful while outdoors in the city

Deyton shares her story of her first time having sex: an awkward and slightly painful hook-up that she didn’t enjoy.

Young woman with long dark hair wearing yellow sweater with arms crossed and smiling

Chinwe shares the story of her first time having sex: a pleasurable experience with good communication and sexual consent.

Young woman smiling at camera

Becca shares the story of the first time she had sex, a positive experience for her which she wouldn’t want to change.

Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply health status or behaviour.

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