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Be in the KNOW’s biggest 2023 moments

Hester Phillips

19 December 2023

From embracing our steamy side to championing young people, 2023 was a year full of pleasure and pride. Here we share our five stand out moments

Icons of two characters named Inno and PBae in bed, with the text, "Oh Inno, that was- wow..."

1. Putting pleasure first   

This year we put pleasure on the map with videos and blogs to help you make safer sex sizzling hot. Leading the way was our sexual health basics videos, five animations co-created with young people in Uganda and South Africa on how to have good relationships and great sex while staying in control of your health. From a couple laughing their way through first time sex nerves to friends discussing horny guys who refuse to wear condoms and the merits of PrEP, these videos show sex and relationships as they are. The series reached over 2 million people when it launched in September, making it a big win for Be in the KNOW in 2023. But it wasn’t just our videos that flew the flag for pleasure this year, there were loads of blogs too, covering all manner of topics like how to make condoms part of foreplay, why we should all love lube, and tips for talking about what you want in bed.

2. Covering what matters to young LGBT+ people

As we close the year we want to say a big, rainbow-shaped thank you to our gay, trans, bisexual and non-binary content co-creators who shared their perspectives and knowledge for our new LGBT+ videos, blogs and information pages. From the inside track on gay dating, advice on sex, relationships and wellbeing for young men who have sex with men and young trans, non-binary and gender diverse people, to tips on how to have hot and healthy gay relationships and raise the issue of HIV prevention with a same-sex partner, your input helped make Be in the KNOW the place to go to for million young LGBT+ people looking for sexual health advice.

3. Getting the U=U message out there

This year, the message that you cannot pass on HIV through sex if you are on effective treatment was heard further and louder than ever before, and Be in the KNOW was there to cover it. We were there in November when the World Health Organization released a policy brief confirming the U=U message, and helped spread the word with a series of social-friendly infographics for the #SayZero campaign. We also dug deep to explain the finer points of this sometimes confusing topic – like the difference between being undectable and being virally suppressed. (Yes, they’re different things!)

4. Speaking up on solutions

Be in the KNOW’s new community voices videos took us to the very frontline of the HIV response. Young people, human rights activists, sex workers, trans people, women and gay men shared their views on what really needs to happen to make health services more accessible for marginalised communities so that HIV infections fall and all people with HIV get the treatment they need to live a healthy life. These are some of the strongest and most inspiring sexual health activists around, and we were proud to amplify their voices in 2023.

5. Reaching millions of people through our new social channels

We all know that sharing is caring, so we were delighted to launch new social media channels on X (formerly known as Twitter), YouTube and LinkedIn. The reaction went beyond our expectations. These three channels along with our established channels on Facebook and Instagram reached more than 20 million people across the world, which helped to drive more than 1.1 million users to the main Be in the KNOW website. We hope you and the millions of people out there who viewed our content in 2023 are more informed about sex and relationships than you were before, and you feel ready to enjoy and celebrate your body, who you are and your power in 2024 and beyond.

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